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Ophis's 99 Fishing Guide.

To start Fishing click on the Fishing Skill Tab.
Master Fisher's Items
Small Fishing Net 80gp
Big Fishing Net 139gp
Fishing Rod 94gp
Fly Fishing Rod 156gp
Lobster Pot 170gp
Harpoon 291gp
Fishing Bait 7gp Each
Feather 11gp each
Red Wine Worm 14,000gp each
From Lv 1 - Lv 40, Shrimp Gives 850xp so Fish 44. (37,400xp)

From Lv 40 - Lv 62, Lobster Gives 7,650xp so Fish 39. (298350) 

Monk netting catches Monks and Manta Rays so this will be a between due to no way to know how many of each you will obtain.
From Lv 62 - Lv 93, Monk Gives 10,200xp and Manta Rays Give 12,750xp. You will need 6,859,879xp so you will need to Fish between 673 - 539 Monks and Manta Rays.

From Lv 93 - Lv 99 there are two ways i would recommend. Either Rockrails or Monks/Manta Rays. 

Fish between 458 - 573 -  Monks/Manta Rays to 99. (5,838,402xp)

Fish 344 Rocktails to 99. (5,838,402xp)

Good Luck and Congratulations on 99 Fishing.


Fishing Location 1.png

fishing loc 2.png

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nice guide

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