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Ophis's 99 Woodcutting Guide.

To start Woodcutting click on the Woodcutting Skill in the Skill tab, then the first option till 60 WC.

Wilfred sells all Axes you'll need.
Level 1 Iron Axe cost 56g.
Level 6 Steel Axe cost 200gp.
Level 21 Mithril Axe cost 450gp.
Level 31 Adamant Axe cost 763gp.
Level 41 Rune Axe cost 5,615gp.

 Start with the Evergreens from Level 1 to Level 15, you get 1,400xp per Logs.
Chop 2 Logs. 2,800xp.

Next, Oak Tress from Level 15 to Level 30, You get 2,128xp per Oak Log.
Chop 5 Oak Logs. 10,640xp

Next, Willow Logs from Level 30 to Level 50, You get 3,808xp per Willow Log.
Chop 24 Willow Logs. 91,392xp

Next, Maple Logs from Level 50 to Level 60, You get 5,600xp per Maple Log.
Chop 31 Maple Logs. 173,600xp.

Run North to the Tree sign and Yellow dot on Your Mini-Map from Lv. 60+.

Next, Yew Logs from Level 60 to Level 75, you get 9,800xp per Yew Logs.
Chop 96 Yew Logs. 940,800xp.

Next, Magic Logs From Level 75 to Level 99, You get 14,000xp per Magic Log.
Chop 844 Magic Logs. 11,816,000xp.

Congratulations on 99 Woodcutting and Goodluck.


wc +60 loc.png

0-60 wc loc 2.png

0-60 wc loc.png

Edited by Ophis

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Nice guide! Maybe add a picture to show the run, and do you know you can get the dragon hatchet, from mining stardust it cost's 7500 stardust too buy.

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i will be editing, and you need 80 mining so thats a seperate guide to fair store :)

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