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Iron Gloves

Clue Scroll Rewards List

List created by The Kid


Air rune 250
mind rune 250
water rune 250
body rune 250
fir rune 250
Earth rune 250
Death rune 250
blood rune 250
soul rune 250
chaos rune 250
astral rune250
Mud rune 250
bronze arrow 350
iron arrow 350
steel arrow 350
mithril arrow 200
adamant arrow 175
rune arrow 165
dragon arrow 160
adamant dart 300
rune dart 250 
dragon dart 100
bronze bolts 100
iron bolts 100
steel bolts 100
mithril bolts 100
adamant bolts 100
rune bolts 100
emerald bolts (e) 100
ruby bolts (e) 100
Diamond bolts (e) 100
Dragon bolts (e) 100
Onyx bolts (e) 10
bronze knife 100
iron knife 100
steel knife 100
mithril knife 100
adamant knife 100
rune knife 100

Sardine 500
salmon 500
tuna 400
lobster 190
swordfish 120
monkfissh 75
shark 40
manta ray 40
super defence (4)50
super attack 55
super str 50
ranging potion 50
magic potion 30 
saradomin's brew 20
antifire 25
antopoisen 50
thread 1000

Black h'ween mask
dragon claws
Katana of the god's
korsai sword
blue h'ween mask
green h'ween mask
red h'ween mask
white party hat4
blue party hat
red party hat
purle party hat
green party hat
yellow party hat

torva full helm
torva plate body
torva legs
pernix cowl
pwernix top
pernix legs
virtus hat
virtus top
virtus bottom

arcane sigil
elysian sigil 
divine sigil
spectral sigil

Glory (t)
abysal whip
blue whip
green whip
orange whip
pink whip
white whip
seers ring (i)
warriors ring (i)
Berserker (i)
ring of the god's
frost dragon mask
fury ornament kit
guthix halo
sara halo
zamorak halo
staff of light 
yellow sol
blue sol
red sol
green sol
robin hood hat
red robin
yellow robin 
white robin
dragon full helm (or)
dragon plate (or)
dragon legs (or)
dragin sq (or)
Dragon skirt (or)
golden maul
ahriims hood
ahrims top 
ahrims bottom 
ahrims staff
dhoraks helm 
dhoraks chest
dhoraks legs
dhoraks axe
veracs helm
veracs chest
versca skirt
veracs flail
torags helm 
torags body 
torags legs
torags hammers
karils coif
karils top
karils skirt
karils x bow
Bolt rack 1000
guthans helm
guthans chest
guthans legs 
guthans spear
Full back g
full adamant t
full adamant g
full rune g
full rune t
gilded helm
gilded platebody
gilded platelegs
gilded kite shield
gs blade 1 
gs blade 2
gs blade 3
sara sword
ranging amulet

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all these lists ive done and not one mention of credit shamemon you gloves

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My bad, bro, added credits haha


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