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Iron Gloves

The Kid's Updated Price Guide

Hi guys, The Kid has come up with an updated price guide to better support the ReonScape economy!

Keep in mind, these prices will fluctuate based on a number of factors so they are most definitely not a set price.


They are, however, a basic guide to refer to when buying/selling items. 
This guide will be updated regularly as prices change, as well as with more items!


Credits go to: @The Kid


Rarity Legend:
Super Rare



  • Torva Platebody:  2B
  • Torva Plateskirt:   2B
  • Torva Full Helm:  2B
  • Pernix Top:  1.4B
  • Pernix Legs: 1.4B
  • Pernix Cowl: 1.4B
  • Virtus Robe Top: 1.4B
  • Virtus Robe Bottoms: 1.4B
  • Virtus Mask: 1.4B
  • All Third-Age Items: 2B Each
  • Bandos Full Helmet:  125M
  • Bandos Chestplate:  150M
  • Bandos Tassets:  150M
  • Bandos Boots:  15M
  • Armadyl Helmet: 150M
  • Armadyl Top: 175M
  • Armadyl Skirt: 175M
  • Saradomin Robe Top: 125M
  • Saradomin Robe Bottom: 125M
  • Saradomin Hood: 115M

  • Steadfast Boots: 100M
  • Glavien Boots: 100M
  • Ragefire Boots: 100M
  • Serpentine Helm:  100M
  • Full Slayer Helmet: 100M


  • Zaryte Bow: 2B
  • Crimson's Katana: 2B
  • Hydra Claws: 2B
  • Doomcore Staff: 2B+
  • Armadyl Godsword:      75M            Hilt: 50M
  • Bandos Godsword:       35M            Hilt: 25M
  • Saradomin Godsword:  45M            Hilt: 35M
  • Zamorak Godsword:     40M            Hilt: 30M
  • Chaotic Rapier: 225M
  • Chaotic Maul: 225M
  • Chaotic Longsword: 200M
  • Chaotic Crossbow: 225M
  • Armadyl Crossbow: 200M
  • Toxic Blowpipe: 750M
  • Abyssal Whip: 10M
  • Colored Whips: 40M
  • Dark Bow: 10M
  • Colored Dark Bow: 40M
  • Golden Maul: 20M


  • Ring of Wealth: 500M
  • Tyrannical Ring: 40M
  • Ring of the Gods: 40M
  • Treasonous Ring: 40M
  • Amulet of Ranging: 50M
  • Berserker Ring (i): 15M
  • Archers Ring (i): 10M
  • Seers Ring (i): 8M
  • Warriors Ring (i): 5M
  • Amulet of Fury: 25M



  • Dragon Kiteshield: 2B
  • Divine Spirit Shield: 1.5B
  • Elysian Spirit Shield: 800M
  • Arcane Spirit Shield: 600m
  • Spectral Spirit Shield: 400M
  • Eagle-Eye Kiteshield: 175M
  • Farseer Kiteshield: 175M
  • Chaotic Kiteshield: 175M
  • Odium Ward: 300M
  • Malediction Ward: 300M
  • Dragonfire Shield: 40M



  • Black Santa Hat: 8B
  • Santa Hat: 8B
  • Blue Partyhat: 5B
  • White Party Hat: 6B
  • Yellow Partyhat: 3B
  • Purple Partyhat: 3B
  • Green Partyhat: 4B
  • Red Partyhat: 4B
  • Black H'Ween Mask: ???
  • Red H'Ween Mask: 2B
  • Blue H'Ween Mask: 2B
  • Green H'Ween Mask: 2B




Edited by Iron Gloves
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more items coming soon!

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needs update!!!!

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