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Iron Gloves

ReonScape Official Update List

Hello and welcome to the Official ReonScape update forum topic! 

In this topic, I will post what updates have been performed on what dates.
Our peak server update/maintenance times are on Mondays of each week.

Please feel free to check back regularly!



ZulRah Fixed - No longer uses Range in Blue phase, or Mage in Green phase.
Free For All Portal at home now functional
• Chaotic Items no longer break after extended use
• Pets No Longer disappear upon logging out. If you lose a pet, you may purchase 'Pet Return' from the ZooKeeper at the
shops at home. This will return all pets you have earned.



• Fixed brawler gloves for woodcutting
• Added in 5 additional members ranks. They are as follows;
0fl8u6r.pngBronze Member - $10-$24
8SeBTfo.pngSilver Member - $25 - $49
kNDRSUR.pngGold Member - $50 - $99
f1KEaOd.pngPlatinum Member - $100 - $199
Q0h13wS.pngDiamond Member - $200+
*These ranks will also come with identical forum ranks. You will automatically be upgraded to the next member rank when
you have claimed the necessary amount of donator points.



• Added additional DDoS protection, as well as hidden ports to prevent future port attacks.



• Referral rewards added in-game! Please follow the instructions listed at this link for referral instructions;

• Odium and Malediction wards have been added in-game! They are obtainable via Scorpia.



• Yellow, Blue, Green and Red dyes have been added. Use this to customize your abyssal whip, robin hood, dark bow or staff of light to the color of your liking. 
You can purchase these dyes from the slayer and member shops.
• Fixed issues with certain untradeable items
• Fixed a problem with map cache that was causing players to black screen
• Added Odium & Malediction Wards, D Boots, Overloads & Stat Reset Certificates to Slayer Shop
•Stat Reset Certificates added in-game. You can use these to reset any of your skills, without the prestige requirement of level 99.



• Full and Regular Slayer Helmets have received a buff. 
Regular Slayer Helmets will give +15% to your max hit on a slayer target
Full Slayer Helmets will give +25% to your max hit on a slayer target.



• Mercenary gloves (best hand slot ranged item), Armadyl Battlestaff & Ava's Alerter (upgraded Ava's Accumulator) have been 
added to the PK Point Shop!



• Added Zaryte Bow as a drop to Sagi (Was already dropped by nex.)
• Fixed an issue players were having with seeing certain drops in the ::drops menu
• Gave ring of wealth a 15% chance to increase your opportunity of getting a rare item
• Added Mithril Seeds to the members shop, as requested by gamblers.



• Added 2 new items to the members shop; Doomcore Staff and Primal Rapier
Primal Rapier is second only to the Drygore Rapier
Doomcore Staff is the 2nd best staff in-game but also has unlimited runes

• HUGE shop revamp! Skilling is now much more lucrative, many items must be obtained through skilling!
• Teleports fixed for many skills!



• Shift-Clicking to drop an item will now cause you to stop skilling, preventing abuse of this. 
• Fixed a problem with the ropeswing at barbarian course that allowed players to spam the ropeswing for easy exp.
• Fixed slayer teleport.


• Prices revamped for many items to better suit the in-game economy



• Fixed Brawling Gloves, they were causing people to DC
• Increased the mining speed rate of the Dragon Pickaxe, as well as the speed rate increase from having 99 mining.
• Server backup/regular maintenance


• Reduced the speed increase added to mining when max level.
• Added Odium & Malediction Wards as a possible drop from all wilderness bosses.
• All Stardust item prices increased by 50%
• Reduced Berserker Necklace's in-game item price slightly
• Added noted ores as possible drop from rock crabs



• Decreased the speed at which stardust is mined.
• Added new drops to the godwars bosses;
Kree'Arra now drops the Armadyl Battlestaff
GraarDor now drops the Abyssal Vine Whip
Commander Zilyana now drops the Saradomin Bow (And Guthix Bow)
TsutSaroth now drops the Zamorak Bow (And Guthix Bow)
• Added Dragon arrows as possible drop in different increments to all dragon NPCs
• Toxic Blowpipe's Speed has been increased
• Abyssal vine whip now also dropped by abyssal demons
• Anger Mace, Sword, Battleaxe and Spears have been released in the slayer shop. 



• The Reonscape Home has been changed! It is now located at the grand exchange. If you cannot see objects there (well of goodwill, crystal chest, etc.) Please download the new client at the following link: 
• The gambling area and staffzone have been relocated!
• A gambler NPC has been added in-game to purchase dice & seeds. 



• Home area has been updated!
• Donator bossing area & skilling area are under construction! Portals can be found at home!



• The Donator Boss Zone has been completed! Access it via the Donator Boss Portal at ::home



• Added Boss Keys to boss drops & boss key shop.
• Added halloween event, use the event portal at home. 
• Added new item, Katana of Reon to donator store
• Raised max yell title to 8 characters
• Lowered amount of coal needed to smelt bars
• Third age range armor now requires 45 def
• Zaryte bow now requires 90 range
• Toxic blowpipe accuracy & damage increased
• Voting achievement fixed

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