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Sir Spanky

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  1. Real-Life Name: In-Game Name: Age: Time-Zone: Position Applying For: Amount of Time Playing ReonScape: Amount of Time Playing OSRS Overall: How long are you available to play ReonScape per day?: Previous Servers Played On: Previous Staff Experience: What can you do to help the server thrive?: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- just post in here as a reply or make a new topic and i will just move it!
  2. Thank you Nat for you wonderful suggestions!! We will forward these on to our developer @Iron Gloves
  3. My suggestion for slayer is make a way to buy it for double slayer points like 600-1000 points
  4. sounds good to me
  5. Here is a suggestion for the fishing / trees in the donor zone. I suggest that the mage tree's should be made to infinite, meaning then never get chopped down. My second suggestion for fishing is that while fishing the rocktails out of the barrel, they should be noted instead of a inventory worth. These are my suggestions, i believe since you have made a contribution to the server, these should be implemented.
  6. I think this server needs new staff period! The Kid (Ingame Moderator) never seen online. White Wizard (Ingame Administrator) always afk never answers any messages. Iron Gloves (Developer) been on the server for 3 weeks never seen him or heard of a update happening to the server. With this being said i believe that there should be some new staff in the server to help players that get on, and want to play/stay but never see anyone on except a few players here and there. So please consider making some changes to Ingame Staff.
  7. I dont see how
  8. ???
  9. i never leave my computer on that much
  10. Nice to meet you DOM (lol)
  11. Stole the guide i was doing ehhh!!!!! Nice guide though
  12. Best of luck, building a clan.
  13. Nice guide.
  14. nice guide
  15. true
  16. Nice guide! Maybe add a picture to show the run, and do you know you can get the dragon hatchet, from mining stardust it cost's 7500 stardust too buy.
  17. Good job buddy
  18. bump
  19. looking good so far
  20. needs update!!!!
  21. I understand that you are trying to get on after work, i work as well 7 days a week 10-14 hrs per day. But why have staff that just sit online and do nothing but sit there, i have seen white wizzard now for 3 days just on the game but never reply's to any questions or Help tickets at all just a NPC really
  22. I have noticed this as well, when i have been on there is contently only 3 players online, today when i looged on. there was a admin on, but he was afk for over 6 hours
  23. How do you use ::fly , and ::ghostwalk?
  24. bug

    Update - it only happens on the rope swing. to fix it i have to tele home, logg out logg back in. then tele out and do 1 free lap just to start earning tickets again. Also i just starting to fail on the swing at level 95 agility never failed it before that.
  25. bug

    When i was in the wildy agility course, i fell on the rope swing when i hit the spikes, i could not move. To move again i attacked the NPC. Once i was back up and finished the course i received no tickets at all. i thought maybe run it again, but now im not receiving any tickets at all.