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  1. Leaving the computer on until 2B Woodcutting and Fishing EXP is achieved? Balanced
  2. Hello, fellow players of Reonscape! I am Nscape an I am interested in making some in-game trades. The items i'm looking for are: Pernix Cowl Pernix Chaps Ring of Fire Dragon Pickaxe Magic Secateurs Crimson's Katana (most importantly) Torva Set The items I have available to trade with are in the attached picture. Message me if you are interested. Have a good day
  3. Nice video, Kid! This method goes for all bosses, really. Only the Protect Prayer is subject to change.
  4. Both me and all revenants in the Ghost Town have started clipping through walls and objects in the area.
  5. When Zulrah reappeared, it also brought its twin! New boss confirmed?
  6. Hello, everyone. I'd like to call to your attention this bug that I discovered while trying to train Prayer. When I bury any bone while wearing Prayer Brawler Gloves, I receive no EXP whatsoever. When I try to use any bone on the altar at Edgeville, I get disconnected. When I log back in, the bone is gone and no EXP is awarded. I may be able to provide more details (such as screenshots) to developers in order to help fix this issue. Thanks in advance.