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  1. gfx

    Ill send you a more high quality image, cheers bro
  2. gfx

    It's sweet bro let me know if you want me to change it in any way
  3. forty

    Glad to be part of the community ✌
  4. Let me know what you think, its just a rendered text with cracks and a random effect added on top, I can add more.
  5. forty

    Hey there, my name's Forty and I'm new to this server, I just joined today and have been playing for around an hour and am enjoying it so far, can't wait to see the server grow and I'll do my part in anyway I can. I'm a Graphics Designer and Music Producer so maybe I'll be able to help ReonScape and anyone who needs it. I'll upload some of my work into the correct section of the Forum, Peace.
  6. Ill get to it now bro.
  7. Respect goes a long way in my eyes too
  8. There is a passion in all of us
  9. WELCOME TO MY SHOP In my shop I can create a numerous amount of things including, Avatars // Signatures // Banners // Logos // Or anything else... If you would like me to design you anything make a post below and try and describe your vision to the best of your ability. MY  WORK Everything Is Free However If You Would Like The Use My Work For Commercial Uses Email Me At FortyFiveRapper@gmail.com
  10. Want me to give one a try? I have a lot of previous experience.
  11. Great to be here