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  1. I appreciate the suggestion! However, there would definitely need to be a balance to this, as Nscape stated. Possibly adding random events would be a fix to resolving the AFK issue.
  2. Hello all! I apologize for the inactivity of staff on the server. I, myself, have been retired from the Reonscape community for a couple of months. However, I've just rejoined the community and can guarantee weekly updates and more activity from the staff. Thank you for your patience!
  3. Hi Sir Spanky! I'm sorry you feel we've been inactive with updates, etc. However, the reason you may have saw me online is because I logged in one night and never closed the client. Just like you, I have been working non stop for quite a while now. I just (very) recently rejoined the community and can guarantee weekly updates because of this. I do, however, agree that we need staff activity in the case of bugs, helping players, etc. I can assure you that this will be resolved ASAP. Once again, sorry for the confusion.
  4. The Halloween event has been released and will last until 11/01/2018(November 1st, 2018) To access the Halloween event, you must first make sure you've downloaded the most recent client by clicking here. Once you've downloaded the new client, you can access the event by walking into the event portal at home. You will then be teleported outside of the Halloween event. Click the door to enter. Inside you will find a variety of monsters; Skeletons Dark Wizards Zombies All of these monsters drop particular items. The goal of the event is to gain all of the halloween items. To get the Death's Hood, you will need to use your necromancy book on a D'Hide Coif 20 To get Death's Robe Top, use your necromancy book on Dark Robe Top To get Death's Robe Bottom, use your necromancy book on Dark Robe Bottom To get Reonscape Book, use necromancy book on a Dark Wizard & have them sign it You will also obtain pumpkins while killing monsters in here. These pumpkins can be used to purchase items from the Halloween Shop at home. All other items can be obtained via drops from the monsters in here. Best of luck, Halloween!
  5. My bad, bro, added credits haha
  6. Common Regen bracelet amulet of ranging Helm of neizitnot overload beserker helm warrior helm granite helm graite body granite legs dragon scimitar dragon spear dragon haldberd dragon long dragon battle axe dragon mace Tzhaar-ket-om dragon 2h granite maul cannon stand canon base cannon barrels cannon furnace ancient staff master wand mages book UNCOMMON dragon hatchet dragon pickaxe overload wizard boots infinity boots infinity gloves hand cannon black gold trimmed armour set leg black gold trimmed armour set skirt gold trimmed blue wiz set golden maul RARE! fire cape seers ring (i) archers ring (i) warriors ring (i) sara sword chaotic rapier chaotic maul statius full helm chaotic cross bow vestas long sword Fighter torso abysall whip ranger boots EPIC!!! Dark bow flame burst defender dragon claws bandos gs saradomin gs zamorak gs dragon defender staff of light dragon full helm (or) dragon platebody (or) drago platelegs (or) dragn plateskirt (or) dragon square shield or torva plate body torva plate legs torva full helm pet tree spirit
  7. COMMON Regen bracelet Amulet of Ranging Zamorak brew helm of neizitnot Warrior helm Granite helm Granite body Granite legs Dragon scimitar Dragon spear Dragon halberd Dragon long Dragon battleaxe Dragon mace Tzhaar-ket-om Dragon 2h sword Granite maul Cannon base Cannon furnace Cannon stand Cannon barrels Amcient staff Master Wand Mages Book UNCOMMON Dragon hatchet Dragon pickaxe Overload (4) Wizard boots Infinity Boots Inifnity Gloves Morrigan's Javelin Morrigan's Throwiing axe Hand cannon Hand cannon shot
  8. Common Items highway mask black cavalier Granite Helm Granite Body Granite legs dagon'hai hat dagon'hai robe top dagon'hai robe bottom cannon base cannon furnace cannon barrels cannon stand Combat Bracelet ring of life Godsword shard 1 Godsword shard 2 Godsword shard 3 Dragon Boots Overload Infinity Armor 1 Infinity Armor 3 Infinity Armor 4 Infinity Armor 5 echanted robe echanted robetop enchanted hat blue mystic hat blue mystic gloves blue mystic top blu mystic bottom blu Mystic boots rune arrows ancient staff shark super restore antifire snakeskin chef's hat old boot flowers donor infinity donor infinity explosive potion berserker helm medium items Vote Scroll cannonball Dragon Bolts (e) Mystery Box Firecape amazing items Vote Scroll Ranger Boots Robin Hood Hat dragon sq (or) kit
  9. List created by The Kid Air rune 250 mind rune 250 water rune 250 body rune 250 fir rune 250 Earth rune 250 Death rune 250 blood rune 250 soul rune 250 chaos rune 250 astral rune250 Mud rune 250 bronze arrow 350 iron arrow 350 steel arrow 350 mithril arrow 200 adamant arrow 175 rune arrow 165 dragon arrow 160 adamant dart 300 rune dart 250 dragon dart 100 bronze bolts 100 iron bolts 100 steel bolts 100 mithril bolts 100 adamant bolts 100 rune bolts 100 emerald bolts (e) 100 ruby bolts (e) 100 Diamond bolts (e) 100 Dragon bolts (e) 100 Onyx bolts (e) 10 bronze knife 100 iron knife 100 steel knife 100 mithril knife 100 adamant knife 100 rune knife 100 Sardine 500 salmon 500 tuna 400 lobster 190 swordfish 120 monkfissh 75 shark 40 manta ray 40 rocktail super defence (4)50 super attack 55 super str 50 ranging potion 50 magic potion 30 saradomin's brew 20 antifire 25 antopoisen 50 thread 1000 Black h'ween mask dragon claws Katana of the god's korsai sword blue h'ween mask green h'ween mask red h'ween mask white party hat4 blue party hat red party hat purle party hat green party hat yellow party hat torva full helm torva plate body torva legs pernix cowl pwernix top pernix legs virtus hat virtus top virtus bottom arcane sigil elysian sigil divine sigil spectral sigil Glory (t) abysal whip blue whip green whip orange whip pink whip white whip seers ring (i) warriors ring (i) Berserker (i) ring of the god's frost dragon mask fury ornament kit guthix halo sara halo zamorak halo staff of light yellow sol blue sol red sol green sol robin hood hat red robin yellow robin white robin dragon full helm (or) dragon plate (or) dragon legs (or) dragin sq (or) Dragon skirt (or) golden maul ahriims hood ahrims top ahrims bottom ahrims staff dhoraks helm dhoraks chest dhoraks legs dhoraks axe veracs helm veracs chest versca skirt veracs flail torags helm torags body torags legs torags hammers karils coif karils top karils skirt karils x bow Bolt rack 1000 guthans helm guthans chest guthans legs guthans spear Full back g full adamant t full adamant g full rune g full rune t gilded helm gilded platebody gilded platelegs gilded kite shield gs blade 1 gs blade 2 gs blade 3 sara sword ranging amulet
  10. @The Kid
  11. @The Kid
  12. Hi guys, this is a video explaining how to solo corporeal beast. Although Corp is a fairly tough boss, it can be soloed effectively if you follow this video's instructions. One thing I forgot to add to the video is Super Restores, be sure to bring a couple! Ft. @The Kid
  13. Lmao! Thanks for the report, I'll definitely look into why this happened and see if we can get it fixed
  14. Prestige points are gained by speaking to Maxwell after obtaining level 99 in a skill. The harder the skill, the more prestige points you earn for leveling it up. Here is a list of all of the skills and how much you earn by prestiging them. They will be ordered from highest to lowest. Smithing - 7 Prayer - 6 Slayer - 6 Dungeoneering - 5 Summoning - 5 Farming - 4 Agility - 4 Herblore - 4 Crafting - 4 Hunting - 3 Runecrafting - 3 Constitution - 3 Mining - 3 Firemaking - 2 Fletching - 2 Magic - 2 Ranged - 2 Defence - 1 Strength - 1 Cooking - 1 Woodcutting - 1 Fishing - 1 Thieving - 1
  15. Hi guys, The Kid has come up with an updated price guide to better support the ReonScape economy! Keep in mind, these prices will fluctuate based on a number of factors so they are most definitely not a set price. They are, however, a basic guide to refer to when buying/selling items. This guide will be updated regularly as prices change, as well as with more items! Credits go to: @The Kid Rarity Legend: Super Rare Rare Uncommon Armour Torva Platebody: 2B Torva Plateskirt: 2B Torva Full Helm: 2B Pernix Top: 1.4B Pernix Legs: 1.4B Pernix Cowl: 1.4B Virtus Robe Top: 1.4B Virtus Robe Bottoms: 1.4B Virtus Mask: 1.4B All Third-Age Items: 2B Each Bandos Full Helmet: 125M Bandos Chestplate: 150M Bandos Tassets: 150M Bandos Boots: 15M Armadyl Helmet: 150M Armadyl Top: 175M Armadyl Skirt: 175M Saradomin Robe Top: 125M Saradomin Robe Bottom: 125M Saradomin Hood: 115M Steadfast Boots: 100M Glavien Boots: 100M Ragefire Boots: 100M Serpentine Helm: 100M Full Slayer Helmet: 100M Weapons Zaryte Bow: 2B Crimson's Katana: 2B Hydra Claws: 2B Doomcore Staff: 2B+ Armadyl Godsword: 75M Hilt: 50M Bandos Godsword: 35M Hilt: 25M Saradomin Godsword: 45M Hilt: 35M Zamorak Godsword: 40M Hilt: 30M Chaotic Rapier: 225M Chaotic Maul: 225M Chaotic Longsword: 200M Chaotic Crossbow: 225M Armadyl Crossbow: 200M Toxic Blowpipe: 750M Abyssal Whip: 10M Colored Whips: 40M Dark Bow: 10M Colored Dark Bow: 40M Golden Maul: 20M Jewelry Ring of Wealth: 500M Tyrannical Ring: 40M Ring of the Gods: 40M Treasonous Ring: 40M Amulet of Ranging: 50M Berserker Ring (i): 15M Archers Ring (i): 10M Seers Ring (i): 8M Warriors Ring (i): 5M Amulet of Fury: 25M Shields Dragon Kiteshield: 2B Divine Spirit Shield: 1.5B Elysian Spirit Shield: 800M Arcane Spirit Shield: 600m Spectral Spirit Shield: 400M Eagle-Eye Kiteshield: 175M Farseer Kiteshield: 175M Chaotic Kiteshield: 175M Odium Ward: 300M Malediction Ward: 300M Dragonfire Shield: 40M Cosmetics Black Santa Hat: 8B Santa Hat: 8B Blue Partyhat: 5B White Party Hat: 6B Yellow Partyhat: 3B Purple Partyhat: 3B Green Partyhat: 4B Red Partyhat: 4B Black H'Ween Mask: ??? Red H'Ween Mask: 2B Blue H'Ween Mask: 2B Green H'Ween Mask: 2B