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  2. Forum links at the top overlap with dropdown box. This needs changing for quick and easy navigation. When posting, you cannot see any icons as per image. Compress the cache. I have 150Mb/s DL Speed and it took 1 hour or more to start playing. People will no wait that long. Either compress it or make it a pre-prioritised partitioned cache (IE dowloads areas as and when needed and only downloads the needed items to start playing. Updates thread. When you update, make a new thread. Don't add to a current one. Seeing the only post from months ago is off-putting and people will not download. Add a download link to the bar at the top, along with a vote and store link for easy access. I will update as and when needed. If you need help. Ask.
  3. My suggestion for slayer is make a way to buy it for double slayer points like 600-1000 points
  4. sounds good to me
  5. I appreciate the suggestion! However, there would definitely need to be a balance to this, as Nscape stated. Possibly adding random events would be a fix to resolving the AFK issue.
  6. Hello all! I apologize for the inactivity of staff on the server. I, myself, have been retired from the Reonscape community for a couple of months. However, I've just rejoined the community and can guarantee weekly updates and more activity from the staff. Thank you for your patience!
  7. Hi Sir Spanky! I'm sorry you feel we've been inactive with updates, etc. However, the reason you may have saw me online is because I logged in one night and never closed the client. Just like you, I have been working non stop for quite a while now. I just (very) recently rejoined the community and can guarantee weekly updates because of this. I do, however, agree that we need staff activity in the case of bugs, helping players, etc. I can assure you that this will be resolved ASAP. Once again, sorry for the confusion.
  8. The Halloween event has been released and will last until 11/01/2018(November 1st, 2018) To access the Halloween event, you must first make sure you've downloaded the most recent client by clicking here. Once you've downloaded the new client, you can access the event by walking into the event portal at home. You will then be teleported outside of the Halloween event. Click the door to enter. Inside you will find a variety of monsters; Skeletons Dark Wizards Zombies All of these monsters drop particular items. The goal of the event is to gain all of the halloween items. To get the Death's Hood, you will need to use your necromancy book on a D'Hide Coif 20 To get Death's Robe Top, use your necromancy book on Dark Robe Top To get Death's Robe Bottom, use your necromancy book on Dark Robe Bottom To get Reonscape Book, use necromancy book on a Dark Wizard & have them sign it You will also obtain pumpkins while killing monsters in here. These pumpkins can be used to purchase items from the Halloween Shop at home. All other items can be obtained via drops from the monsters in here. Best of luck, Halloween!
  9. dig near the lava forge

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