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    • Forum links at the top overlap with dropdown box. This needs changing for quick and easy navigation. When posting, you cannot see any icons as per image.  Compress the cache. I have 150Mb/s DL Speed and it took 1 hour or more to start playing. People will no wait that long. Either compress it or make it a pre-prioritised partitioned cache (IE dowloads areas as and when needed and only downloads the needed items to start playing.  Updates thread. When you update, make a new thread. Don't add to a current one. Seeing the only post from months ago is off-putting and people will not download.  Add a download link to the bar at the top, along with a vote and store link for easy access.  I will update as and when needed. If you need help. Ask. 
    • My suggestion for slayer is make a way to buy it for double slayer points like 600-1000 points
    • sounds good to me
    • I appreciate the suggestion!
      However, there would definitely need to be a balance to this, as Nscape stated.    Possibly adding random events would be a fix to resolving the AFK issue.
    • Hello all!   I apologize for the inactivity of staff on the server. I, myself, have been retired from the Reonscape community for a couple of months. 
      However, I've just rejoined the community and can guarantee weekly updates and more activity from the staff.   Thank you for your patience!
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